Linden Gropiusku


Excerpt from: "Hanky Panky", The Pitch
5 July 2007, pg. 25
By Dana Self

Review of " Marcie Miller Gross, Donna Rosenthal, Jil Weinstock", at Byron Cohen Gallery for Contemporary Art, 4 May - 28 July 2007

"By comparison, hallway installations by Marcie Miller Gross provide a site of relief and purity. With Progression 1:1 and Progression 1:3, carefully folded blue surgical towels create what the other artists' vintage textiles do not: sustained narrative content. With their color variations - fading and stained from use and laundering - the stacked towels tell a rich visual and conceptual history of the body and its weaknesses and ruptures, how it is cared for and with what. Now that is something to think about."